We’re improving healthcare collaboratively

We believe tomorrow’s game-changing healthcare tools will not be built by one company alone, but collectively by many. Healthcare innovators are everywhere, and to succeed we need to leverage the genius of all—we must be Open. Open to change. Open to collaboration. And Open to the information and insights that lead to improved outcomes. Let’s solve healthcare’s problems together. Join us, and we’ll give you the tools to build with us.

A full range of integration options

The Allscripts Developer Program allows third parties to integrate with and develop enhanced functionality for Allscripts EHR software. By integrating your products with Allscripts, your applications will better equip over 180,000 physicians and other healthcare providers using Allscripts today. Get the clinical records data you need to deliver value to the clinician. Whether your application provides clinical decision support, device integration, patient-centered tools, or analytics, our interface solution delivers what you need. Get started in our developer sandboxes today to discover what we can build together.

Tools at your disposal

When you sign up as a Registered Developer, you’ll have access to the API, documentation, code samples, and validation resources to enable your device or application to integrate with Allscripts ambulatory, acute, and practice management solutions. Our Unity API is implemented as web services, so if your language supports POSTing JSON or SOAP/XML over HTTPS, you can get started with Unity right away. Our tools are not language-dependent, and our partners have already deployed a number of successful applications written in Java, C#, Ruby, and more.

We're enabling efficient integration at scale

  • Discrete Data Pathways — Directly integrate devices and applications to bi-directionally exchange discrete data with the EHR, eliminating time-consuming manual entry and scanned results
  • Improved Provider Efficiency — Integrated workflow between applications and EHR systems reduces administrative complexity, resulting in greater efficiency and time management
  • Real-time Data at Point of Care — Replacing manual input and data validation with electronic data exchange ensures access to accurate and timely information for making informed clinical decisions at the point of care
  • Trusted and Certified Connectivity — Our advanced testing process, vendor certification program, and integration support and services take the pain and cost out of traditional HL7 integration
  • Scalability and Availability — Our Unity technology enables third parties to effectively integrate with Allscripts EHR products across our client base very quickly, one integration after another