Healthcare plan for patient or group

Retrieving a patient’s assessment and plan of treatments

The logical ID (of the patient to retrieve) is passed as part of the URL. The logical ID is found as the result of a search.

Name Required? Type Description
id yes url The logical ID of the patient. This is retrieved using the search function.
date no string A string representing a date to include in the search. See below for more information.

A DAF CarePlan is returned. The Argonaut Assessment and Plan of Treatment IG provides the API documentation for searching for and fetching patient assessment and plan of treatment data using the CarePlan resource. The search supports the narrative elements of the Assessment and Plan section which is the minimal necessary criteria to support the 2015 Edition ONC Certification criterion Data Category Request 170.315(g)(8).

Name Type Cardinality Description
identifier 0..* External IDs for this plan. This is a business identifier, not a resource identifier. This records identifiers associated with this care plan that are defined by business processes and/or used to refer to it when a direct URL reference to the resource itself is not appropriate. For example, in CDA documents or in written/printed documentation.
subject Reference(Patient, Group) 0..1 Who the care plan is for. This identifies the patient or group whose intended care is described by the plan.
status code 1..1 Indicates hether the plan is currently acted upon, represents future intentions, or is now a historical record. It allows clinicians to determine whether the plan is actionable or not. Conformance is required, and the valid statuses include: Proposed, Pending, Active, Completed, and Cancelled. For more information on this value set, see:
category CodeableConcept 0..* Identifies what kind of plan this is to support differentiation between multiple co-existing plans. For example, “Home health”, “psychiatric”, “asthma”, “disease management”, “wellness plan”, and so forth. There may be multiple axis of categorization, and one plan may serve multiple purposes. In some cases, this may be redundant with references to CarePlan.concern. This value set contains 21 concepts. For more information on this value set, see:
narrative summary string 0..1 Text or HTML description of the assessment and plan. CarePlan.text.status is either Generated or Additional. This tool uses Generated. For more information on this value set, see:, which defines the following codes: Generated, Extensions, Additional, and Empty.

Searching by Date

Dates are passed in as query parameters on the URL. Since the URL parameters cannot handle comparators (for example, >, <=), these are passed as part of the date.


The following comparators are supported:

Comparator Description
eq equal
gt greater than
ge greater than or equal
lt less than
le less than or equal

To search for a date range, pass in the date twice.

e.g. date=ge2010-01-01&date=le2010-12-31

This search would include every day in the year 2010.