Developer signup

Before you can use the Allscripts FHIR API, you have to signup for an account. This is done from the Allscripts Developer Program website.

When you sign up for a developer account, you will be asked to accept the User Agreement and provide a valid email address.

After sign up, you will be issued credentials that you can use to register your applications.

Application registration

On the Allscripts Developer Program website, click My FHIR Applications. A list of your FHIR applications displays.

My FHIR Apps

Click + to register your application using a developer portal, or click Manage API Credentials to obtain credentials to register your application programmatically using OAuth 2 Dynamic Client Registration.

Registering your application on the ADP portal

To register your application using the ADP portal, populate the required fields.

Review Authentication and Authorization for more information about the required OAuth 2 parameters.

You can also modify some of the parameters associated with the API. For example, if you wanted to add an additional redirect URI.

FHIR Application Registration

Registering your application programmatically

The Allscripts FHIR API OAuth 2.0 authentication supports the following protocols for managing your application:

The Allscripts FHIR API OAuth 2.0 authentication supports managed registration. This means that an authorization header is required to invoke the endpoints.

Authorization header

To access the API, you will need an API ID and KEY. To obain these, click Manage API Credentials.

To generate the AMX authorization header, use the following algorithm.

For example, to register your application, send the following:

    'client_name'   : 'My Cool App', 
    'application_type' : 'native', 
    'client_type' : 'confidential', 
    'redirect_uris': ['http://localhost/callback','urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob', '']

The server returns the access token which your app then uses in subsequent calls to the API.

    'client_id' :  'abcdef1234567890'
    'secret': 'secret',