SMART on FHIR is a way of launching FHIR application, in which context is shared, for example which patient to use.

More information can be found on the SMART on FHIR Websites here and here

SMART on FHIR defines two launch sequences, EHR Launch and Standalone Launch.

Standalone Launch

Standalone launch is when a SMART on FHIR application is launched outside of an EHR context. The cannonical example of this is a Patient Facing Web App. When the user starts the App, the App has no idea who the patient is.

To start a Standalone launch, add the following to your scope launch/patient during authorization

The Patient will be directed to the Main Authorization Screen. This is the Authorization screen that is returned when you query for the metadata.

SMART on FHIR Provider Login

When the Patient clicks on the “Are you a Patient?” button, they will be taken to the FollowMyHealth Login screen if the Healthcare Organization uses FollowMyHealth, or to the Allscripts Health Connect Login if they do not.

SMART on FHIR Patient Login with FollowMyHealth SMART on FHIR Patient Login with FMH

SMART on FHIR Patient Login with Allscripts Health Connect SMART on FHIR Patient Login with AHC

If the patient is a proxy for another patient, e.g. a mother getting data for her child, then the user will be able to select the patient who’se data they want to access.

Once the patient authenticates, the patient id is returned in the token Response

  access_token: "secret-xyz",
  patient: "54520",

Patient Login information for the various Sandboxes can be found on the Sandboxes page.

EHR Launch

EHR Launch is when a Provider launches a SMART on FHIR Application from within the EHR. You will not be able to test this directly in the Allscripts EHR, but you are able to perform a test launch.

We pass the patient id in the launch parameter: e.g.

The Launch URLs for our test apps would be:


Professional 17.1: Credentials are terry / manning

Touchworks 17.1: Credentials are jmedici / password01

Sunrise 16.3 Dev: Credentials are james/ Password#1


Touchworks Latest Dev: Credentials are jmedici / password01