Allscripts FHIR API

Additional Information

Allscripts Certification

Complete the Allscripts Certification process to become an official Allscripts certified solution published on the Allscripts App Expo. Learn more about the process here. To get started, fill out the documentation below and send the completed copies to

Marketing Opportunity

The Allscripts App Expo is Allscripts’ marketplace of certified solutions through the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) using Allscripts proprietary and FHIR APIs. Allscripts clients, patients and sales reps may use the App Expo for any of the following:

  • Explore Allscripts available solutions
  • Connect directly with certified ADP member companies
  • Visit ADP member companies’ websites to learn more
  • Post reviews and comments about any of the certified solutions

Certified ADP member companies are published on the Allscripts App Expo with dedicated company and product pages. There is also an opportunity to submit a press release to Allscripts for approval announcing the Allscripts App Expo participation. Please reach out to if you’re interested.

FHIR Applications

FHIR applications that have been self-reported as “production ready” for Allscripts clients and patients to use are listed in the FHIR Applications page. A validation email will be sent from Allscripts to the developer that updated the application. For companies interested in a dedicated App Expo page, the FHIR app must complete the standard certification testing process mentioned above.