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Tap into the power of the Veradigm Network. Subscribe to our Developer Program and unleash the possibilities of what our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) can do to transform health, insightfully.

Veradigm Connect is a dynamic, open community of integrated solutions that provide advanced insights, technology, and data-driven solutions. Veradigm supports developers with the tools required to enable innovation in our Developer Portal and then promotes API-enabled solutions certified by Veradigm in our App Expo. Our APIs have inspired innovation for years and continue to deliver the latest and greatest technology to Veradigm clients. Subscribing to Veradigm Connect is the next step on your path toward bringing that innovation to life!

Select a plan that's right for you.

Veradigm Connect offers a variety of subscription plans designed to comprehensively support a community of healthcare innovators, allowing customers to choose a plan that meets their unique needs. Enjoy access to our Software Development Kit (SDK), educational programs, unique marketing packages, and much more! Once you select a tier, pay monthly or receive a 10% discount if purchased annually.

Subscription Plans


Open accounts are free to build and deploy by anyone. This option gives developers full access and rights to use our FHIR® ©-enabled APIs to help our clients meet regulatory requirements.


Integrator membership is available to companies using both FHIR® ©-enabled and our propriety Unity APIs. Integrators have full access to our SDK and can deploy their solutions to clients as soon as their integration has been tested and certified by Veradigm!

Integrators subscribe to a plan that best suits their needs:

Subscription Benefits

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Plus

SDK including reference documentation, sandboxes

Veradigm Connect Member Logo & Boilerplate Language

Shared mailbox

API workshop passes

2 3 4 5

Introductory call to get started with ease


1 2 3


1 2 3

Certified app logo after testing requirements met

Standard Marketing add-ons

Content Promotion on Veradigm App Expo

1 product 2 products 3 products

Go live with clients

Success story support

Blog Post and social promotion

Sales meeting and client event sponsorship

Dedicated account manager

Join our Developer Network

Veradigm provides a free trial for Open users with a click-through agreement to get started with full access to API documentation and direct access to sandbox environments to test against our systems. There are no upfront fees, so we call all innovators to explore what’s available through our SDK and start building today.

Contact us if you have any questions about these plans. A team member will invite you to learn about the benefits of subscribing to our platform and making your solution available to our clients.

Our mission is to unite developers, innovators, and healthcare professionals and inspire solutions to tackle healthcare’s toughest challenges. Be part of a community propelling the industry to transform health, insightfully, powered by Veradigm APIs. To get started, subscribe today!