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Calling All Innovators

For years, Allscripts has been leading the change toward true interoperability. Through the award-winning Allscripts Developer Program (ADP), we help connect innovative devices, applications and other healthcare solutions with our Open platform. Clients and companies participating in our Developer Program have already used our proprietary Intelligent APIs more than five billion times to support a truly Open, connected community of health.

Our program offers three distinct ways for developers to work with Allscripts:

Open Access Account

Developer Open Access Account

To get started, sign up for our free Developer Open Access Account. This option gives developers full access and rights to use our FHIR-enabled APIs with calls to help Allscripts clients meet regulatory compliance. Click the “Sign Up” button, provide basic information and you are on your way. Stay in the Developer Open Access Account to ensure that you never pay a fee for API connectivity with Allscripts. For additional functionality and services, learn more about our Integrator category or apply to become a Partner at any time.

ADP Integrator

Companies signing up to be an ADP Integrator will receive rights to use our proprietary, FHIR-compliant Intelligent APIs. The Integrator category is available for any company that would like to connect with our solutions, with no required review or approval by Allscripts. Just complete the additional information requested in the Integrator sign-up form, click through the agreement, and you’ll have immediate access to the developer tools and sandboxes you’ll need to connect with Allscripts. ADP Integrators can deploy their solution to clients as soon as their FHIR or Unity enabled application has been tested and certified by Allscripts. There are no initial fees to get started with the ADP Integrator tier, so this is a great option if you want to begin by exploring what’s available through the API. Once application development is completed, there is a standard testing fee and once deployed, there are usage-based fees tied to only the API calls and functionality our clients implement and use.

ADP Integrator
ADP Partner

ADP Partner

Finally, our most comprehensive option: The Allscripts Developer Program Partnership. This is best for innovators who want to leverage all the technical functionality we offer in our Integrator tier, as well as additional testing, sales and marketing support. Our online Application Store makes it easy for clients to access our ADP Partners’ certified solutions. To help developers along the way, each will be assigned a designated Partner Manager. Allscripts reviews each partnership application for product compatibility and other factors. Once you complete the form to apply for the Partner tier, we’ll let you know when you’re scheduled for review. We encourage you to begin integration as an ADP Integrator while your application is pending.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to online developer Q&A through our Developer Forum, as well as benefit from the information and documentation available on the Developer Portal. You can work on your integration with Allscripts technical experts in API connectivity in one of our workshops. Our goal is to ensure you have a fantastic experience working with our solutions (check out the Testimonials page to read positive comments from some of our current developers and clients).

If you have questions about which ADP tier might be right for you, contact us at AllscriptsDeveloperProgram@allscripts.com and an ADP team member will respond or set up a call to help you decide. If you would like to explore these new options to connect with Allscripts, click “Sign Up” and get started. We look forward to innovating with you!